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Leadership and Board Members:

One to One with Youth business is conducted by its Employees, Managers and Officers, under the direction of its President and Chief Executive Officer and the oversight of the Board of Directors, to enhance the long-term value of the organization for its shareholders.

President, Mr. Danny King

Chief Executive Officer, Inonda King

Clinical Director, Kathleen Wright

Our Staff Consists of:

  • Medical Director

  • Licensed Psychological Assoc.

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Licensed Addiction Specialist

  • Qualified Professional (Master and Bachelor)

  • Associate Professional

  • Para-Professional

The role of our staff is to strengthen the individual consumer while building positive relationships by developing professional interactions within the community. 

Our staff is equipped to:

  • Model appropriate social behaviors while in the community

  • Vocalize effectively with the consumer and family

  • Treat the participant and family with respect at all times

  • Follow the Person-Centered Plan goals and objectives

  • To initiate structured activities that reflect the goals and objectives listed in the individualized PCP

Our Staff: FAQ
Our Staff: Image
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