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Your Rights

Consumer Rights and Confidentiality

We are committed to protecting the confidentiality and rights of our consumers by:

•  Treating each consumer with the respect and dignity which should be afforded to every human being. 

•  Requiring therapeutic services provided in a safe and consistent manner.

•  Maintaining consumer records as protected by the Federal and State Laws and regulations.

Your Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of One to One with Youth to inform you about your rights and work to protect your rights. You have responsibilities too as a consumer. You have the responsibility to:

•  Follow your Person-Centered Plan once you have agreed to it.

•  Keep all appointments or call 24 hours before missing an appointment.

•  Treat staff and other consumers with respect and consideration.

•  Let us know when you have a complaint so we can help you find an answer to the problem.

•  Make comments and suggestions to better serve your needs.

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